Finding a way to leave the pet at home alone is a very frequent question of who owns a pet. Whether it be a dog or a cat, many find it rather difficult to accept the absence of the owner.

Are you also experiencing this situation? So check out 7 tips we have prepared in this post to help you deal with this problem.

1. Create this habit early on

It is best to create the habit of being alone at an early age, especially if you and most of your household spend a lot of time on the street.

One tip is to restrict the space that he will have access to by leaving only necessary items such as toys, water pots and ration and the rug to do the necessities.

2. Walk frequently with the animal

This is a special tip for anyone who has a dog. To make it easier for the animal to adapt to its absence, practice some kind of physical activity with it, even if it is a walk every morning before leaving the house. That way, it will expend energy and  will have spent some time with you.

Going out with cats is harder, but one solution to exercising is to invest in a play that makes you move and get tired.

3. Ensure the environment is safe

It is imperative to ensure that all the rooms in your home are safe if you will leave a pet at home alone. Some measures are:

  • leave the doors closed or with some weight holding them so that they do not close and hurt the animal;
  • put screens on windows;
  • keep dangerous food and objects out of the reach of the dog or cat.

Evaluate in your home any other type of scenario that could prove to be dangerous to your pet, okay?

4. Give him some occupation during his absence

Another very useful tip to leave the pet at home alone is to give him toys or specific objects that will leave the animal entertained. That way he will not get bored and look for some dangerous or catchy activity, such as peeing out of place, ruining some item or scratching the furniture – by the way, having a cat scratcher is very important.


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5. Maintain a routine

Keeping a routine is a very interesting tip for anyone who has a cat because they are animals that take time to get used to changes. Always feed it at the same times, set a time for playing with it, and also clean the litter box. Establish these customs will leave you more relaxed and with the sense of security.

6. Avoid lengthy farewells

Making long farewells causes the animal to feel abandoned, which can increase his anxiety. Therefore, it is advisable to leave your home without making too much fanfare, as if it were more of a routine activity.

This orientation also holds true for the moment of your return. Arrive at your house, do what you must do, and then have a party with your dog or cat. He should only associate affection with moments of happiness.

7. Pay attention to the pet when you are at home.

And if you spend a lot of time on the street, whether studying or working, it is more than necessary to give your pet a moment of attention. So he will know that even if the owner is away for a few hours, when they return they will spend quality time together.

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