The Future of the Industrial Valve

The Future of the Industrial Valve

At the valve Expo and Conference which was held recently, there was a very interesting workshop on the future of the industrial valve. This is a wide topic which can easily include several topics as well as presenters. At this workshop were presentation from two manufacturers, a stockiest as well as an EPC. Below is the observation which was deduced from the interesting session.

The first thing is that it seems that everyone observe that we are passing through a lot of change presently. However, as stated by a panelist, this is clearly evident for a long duration. Engineering was a static case where different procedure were developed and later turned to rules. However the level of change is accelerating and continuous and this makes it very easy for some work to become obsolete. The lesson which was obtained here is not to get attached to a kind of technology or idea and to make adequate preparation somewhere along the line for wholesale change to a new platform.

As stated by the EPC panelist, the business of engineering and construction has always been involved taking a client’s site as well as their desire to protect a specific product and doing the necessary details to make such happen. There will be continuity with this, but the only thing which will change is about other things i.e. everything else. Nowadays, data resides in a database which are connected and used for both engineering as well as procurement. There is a single point of entry here and a single piece of data feeds every kind of user, from the procurement, design, construction and estimating. The system is interconnected but there are some levels of difference in the unit. You can achieve this from some initiatives: the material system can be built with a 3D design, employing good staff, buying or building data and making their payment so as to enhance the interval during the project.

The Future of the Industrial Valve

The construction and engineering has seen an increase in the corporate and project frame agreements, those that are searching for a low cost producer as well as countries and the pressure on cost and competition is also growing over time. There is an expectation of continuity and a more modularization and different fabrication centers, extra fast delivery and several kinds of trim and valve design.

Here comes the manufacturer’s turn to present their prospective. Some of the highlight I come across focused mainly on the reduction of cost by the reduction of the over engineering aimingso as to shrink new product development and to seek latest technologies like 3D printing and also scrutinize the use of development tools. In addition to this, they come across an opportunity for the improvement of technical support by providing technical advice for all the stakeholders. This will help in the development of strategic partnership with EPCs, key licensors and the final consumers. It is well known that such information would flow from different phases of valve development and this would help in providing a better development for the industrial valves.

The perspective of the stockiest was likewise interesting and the middle man position will serve both ends of the valve business. For this kind of business model to work, he said, the distributors need to add value. He also observed three trends that offer both opportunities and well as challenges.Visit for more information.

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