Indian Chat Rooms – My First Experience in Chat Rooms

Chat Room

Hi Readers! today i’m gonna tell you about my experience in chat rooms,Normally if you are person who gets bore and have sometime to enjoy, then chat room is right option for you and you can let make yourself more stress free in chat rooms as you can chat with users from all over the world.
this was a short description about chat rooms, i’m going to tell you more about chat rooms, and today i’ll talk about chat room for people who belongs from India.


Chat Room

i’m from India, and one day i was feeling very bored, i didn’t want to use facebook or any other social networking website to chat on, i just wanted something else in chat like meeting new people then simply, i searched some queries on google about how to get entertainment in free time and i reached to chat rooms, then i was not finding any people of my city even country. then after some minutes, i thought there might be some specific chat rooms for countries, then i searched for chat in India then i got many websites for people who are from India, i joined these chat rooms but the problem i faced was they chat rooms were like full of vulgar activities, no admins were there and i was just feeling bad by seeing these type of chat, i just can’t explain,then suddenly a person got in my pm and told me “i’m watching you since you come here, you are not talking to anyone , what’s problem mate?” , I said , i’m not feeling comfortable in this type of environment, then he suggested me a chat room for Indian Chat Room,and then I get to got in a chat room and really i found that chat rooms really wonderful, even they people were chatting in hindiand really whenever i get time i spend with that chat room.

PS: I have attached that chat room links in article, if you want to chat with India people then you are welcome.


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