How to Find Your Dream Partner in Club505

In Club505, only 505 men are accepted for each city. Male members also have to pay a certain fee for a membership. It is not wrong to say that it is more useful than other dating apps like Tinder because there is no demand for a limit or a fee for women.

However, since there is no match system, it is necessary to apply very different techniques in Club505. The first message you send in Club505 is very important. If you want to find an upper class partner, then you need to influence your ‘dream partner’ with a few sentences. Although there is no competition with other men (because there are too many women and the number of men is limited to 505), you have to express yourself clearly to the woman/man you want to date with.

It may be the best to have an entry into the subject from his/her interests. But it is not nice to talk about matters that are not in your knowledge. It would only make sense to interview people who already have common interests with you.

Do not rush to arrange a meeting. Make sure the other side wants to see you as much as you do. Be polite. Be understanding. Be respectful to yourself and your potential partner. Do not lose these values even if the purpose is a one-night stand relationship.

Never lie. Club505 is not one of the dating apps like Tinder. It is highly probable to have a long-term relationship with the people you meet here. Members are accepted manually with great precision. So you do not have to deal with nonsense people. You have to express yourself cleanly and correctly.

These tips are for women: Never see men as banks, but never! Of course you may want to be with a man of high income. That’s one of the goals of Club505. However, it should be reminded that the relations established on material expectations usually end in frustration. The attractiveness of a woman standing on her own feet is always more. You should never see yourself needing help. Be original, be creative and want the man to listen and understand you. Being important is a good first step for a successful relationship. Finding an upper class partner needs to be an important one.

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